Wednesday, 22 October 2008

about in loving memory tattoos designs

The in loving memory tattoos are deeply personal and meaningful. For those who have not experienced yet the death of a loved one, might find this morbid but those who chose to have this done, consider it as an honorable and worthwhile tattoo design that they will always cherish and be proud of.

Some people choose designs that are religious in nature like angels, cross while others go for symbols such as a star for distance and dove for peace. Angel memory tattoos are usually in the form of cherubs especially if it was a child who passed away.

Cross memorial tattoos do sometimes come with the initials “rip” meaning rest in peace and the date of death, intertwined with a rose or heart, some even come with the face of Christ. Butterfly memorial tattoo designs are also another in loving memory tattoos that some people choose. Traditionally it was believed that they are a representation of the soul of someone who died. Even cherry blossoms are being used in loving memory of someone. Loving memory tattoos are a reminder of a fleeting moment in one’s life.

Not every one go for the dispirited designs though, struggling with the agonizing emotions is hurtful enough so they turn to the happier and positive subject in order to be reminded of that person. It can be anything like a favorite flower, favorite painting or a hobby or something that will remind them the most of that loved one who died.

Whatever tattoo images a person go for, they usually come with the name of that loved one who passed away, sometimes as how they are called like “ Mom” or “Dad” or “Grandpa” or “Grandma” or they can be the actual names. In loving memory tattoos are usually placed on the chest being close to the heart or on the shoulder especially if it’s an angel and on the arms as it can easily be seen.

Getting an in loving memory tattoo of someone can be a bittersweet or melancholic activity but knowing the fact that you are able to carry with you memory of that person forever is comfort enough and can help in the healing process.

While it is most popularly known as about commemorating the death of a loved one, getting an in loving memory tattoo does not necessarily have to be about a dead person, it can also be an important situation, a unique symbol, an unforgettable place or time that you wish to always keep in your memory.

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